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What does this mean ? ProThermal can perform a thermal imaging survey on all your electrical switchboards and provide a quality report to pass onto your insurance company, we only use highly skilled, A grade electricians and the latest thermal imaging equipment.

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About Electrical Switchboard Inspection Scanning & Melbourne Thermal Imaging,Thermal surveying, Thermographic Scanning, Thermal Scanning Melbourne.


What is thermal imaging you ask? .....  

Switchboard Thermal Imaging Inspection & Thermal surveying (Also known as Infrared Thermographic testing or a Thermo scan) is an electronic inspection technique which quite literally allows us to see thermal image energy and temperature rises.

Infrared Thermography tests, thermal surveying & Infrared inspection thermal imaging or a switchboard thermo can be used on a wide variety of electrical and mechanical equipment unlike most other tests, scanning and report methods. Thermal faults detected at an early stage can be investigated or repaired as part of your routine maintenance program or as a planned shutdown, thus reducing the risk of unnecessary and costly breakdowns. We offer a formalised infra red scan program to all clients.

Electrical Switchboard Thermoscanning, Thermoscanning, thermographic scanning of switchboards, thermal imaging of your electrical switch boards, Thermal surveying,Thermography, switchboard inspection thermal imaging scanning is undertaken while the equipment is online and operating at normal load, you are able to monitor temperatures and thermal patterns allowing for early detection and inspection of possible faults indicated by a rise in temperature, Thermal Imaging & Inspection scanning is a preventative maintenance process which assists in the reduction of emergency maintenance costs, providing asset protection and life preservation on electrical and mechanical equipment, thermal inspection scanning is an excellent condition monitoring tool used to carry out Non Destructive Testing  and Infrared Thermography test inspection reporting.

ProThermal Inspections located in Ferntree Gully & Tullamarine, Melbourne has recognised infrared thermal inspection imaging, thermographic scanning as one of the most versatile and effective condition monitoring tools available today. It can assist in detecting equipment failure and allow disasters to be prevented rather than be repaired.

Infrared Thermography tests, thermographic scanning, thermal surveying & Infrared inspection a switchboard scan or thermal imaging can be used on a wide variety of electrical and mechanical equipment unlike most other tests, scanning and report methods. Thermal faults detected at an early stage can be investigated or repaired as part of your routine maintenance program or as a planned shutdown, thus reducing the risk of unnecessary and costly breakdowns.
Infrared Thermography test reports, thermal surveying & Infrared thermal image scanning inspections are usually recommended every 12 months, although more frequent inspections may be required depending on environmental conditions.
What are the Australian standards that are applicable when performing thermoscaning of electrical switchboards. 
  • Australian Standards, AS/NZS3000:2007, AS/NZS3017:2007 and AS/NZS3019:2007.
  • Infrared thermal imaging As per AS/NZS 3019 Clause 5.8, the integrity of switchboard connections should be tested out with a thermal imaging device.
  • Both the ambient temperature and maximum temperature measured should be recorded and any items whose temperature is significantly above the ambient noted.
  • The possible faults which can be indicated through use of infrared thermal imaging include:  high impedance connection • overloads • imbalanced CCTS • faulty equipment • damaged switches • faulty fuses.
  • Australian Standards, AS 3439.1:2002 Switchboard Maintenance, Periodic Inspections.
  • Australian Standards, AS 3760:2003 In –service safety inspection & testing of electrical equipment.
  • Australian Standards, AS 5762:2005 In service safety inspection & testing - repair electrical equipment.
  • Australian Standards, AS 3998.2006 Non-destructive testing–Qualification & Certification of personnel.
What is Switchboard Thermal Imaging, Thermal surveying and what are the Benefits of a Switchboard Thermal Scanning Inspection Service
  • Preventing unexpected downtime repairing equipment that can be avoided.
  • Reduce risk of personal harm to you, your staff and your customers.
  • Reducing the loss of revenue if machinery or electrical equipment fails.
  • Reduction in expensive repair costs of faulted and connected equipment.

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Description of Thermal Imaging Inspection Scanning Service
Perform a qualitative infrared inspection of electrical distribution equipment as directed by client personnel / representative.
Infrared inspection to be performed by a Level One Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer® using a Trotec High Resolution Model IC120LV thermal imager. Inspection of panels and switchboards to be performed on-foot , overhead power lines from a motor vehicle at night for best results due to solar reflection interference.
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Upon completion of a thermal scanning image infrared inspection, our thermographer will provide a written thermographic report of findings. Our report will include a complete listing of all items inspected, thermograms, corresponding visible-light images and description of all detected exceptions along with recommendations for repair. The report will be provided in hardcopy and/or electronic format.
Switchboard Thermal Imaging Infrared inspections & thermal surveying can be performed on a 7-day week basis, 12 hours per day, generally between the hours of 6 am till 6 pm. Start and finish times can be negotiated for power line service inspections and any other equipment that may require scanning after hours.
Nationwide Thermography Services qualified technicians’ have extensive knowledge of electrical switchboards and components. Our experience enables us to offer assistance in any repairs, that you should require, including ongoing maintenance support at competitive rates.
All thermal scanning services & thermal surveys are to be performed in accordance with currently accepted industry practice and the Infraspection Institute Standard for Infrared Inspection of Electrical Systems and Rotating Equipment, a copy of which is available upon request.
What will switchboard thermal imaging cost
As many circumstances and conditions differ, we don’t offer standard rates.
Please contact us so we can prepare a proposal on a service to best suit your specific thermal scanning inspection service requirements.
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